Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Luc Ferrari

As a structural engineer I like to think that the piece I have created is the piece that will outlast or stand taller than all those before me (to a certain extent). My ego, as an artist, is based on a myriad of misinformation due to my hibernation sequence.

When I discovered I had an affinity to all things sound I quickly realized that my affinity was a bit different than those around me at the time. I tried a few times to "play" with others but it seemed frustrating on both ends. Thus I had removed myself from any thoughts of maintaining a similar status to my human companions during my younger years. Everyone I knew seemed to be a part of a "band". I still couldn't say if it was my protesting the conformity or just that what I had to offer wasn't appropriate for any others to join in on...

I felt very uncomfortable sharing what I heard with others, I was the only one (that I knew at the time) that was making noise with things that were designed to make "music" and loving it. FUCKING loving it! I was very proud of the techniques I had developed in the early nineties to utilize the stereo delay function in my ART SGX 2000 E guitar processor. Smashing bits of sound together and stretching them out again. Recording it into my little Fostex tape machine (which by the way is still going strong), flippin' the tape over and overdubbing another layer of chaotic reverberating chunks. Using the infrared pulse of a remote control to talk to my guitar pick-ups, recording the news, phone conversations, roommate arguments, warping old vinyls to produce yet an other sample worthy noise. I was a sponge soaking in all the sound I could handle and trying voraciously to form it into, at least, a semi coherent  piece of greater, evolved noise.

There still seemed to be something missing though... An audience. Who the hell would want to listen to that. Not too many folks that I knew. You ever been in the middle of an amazing trip and someone comes up to you and starts waving their hands in front of your face like a retarded little monkey and say "AAHooooooooo, Looook at my haaaands maaaaaan, I'm Sooooo Wasted right now, this is the Mooost amaaaazing things maaan, can't you FEEL that!!?"

Yeah, I kinda felt like that guy. The one trying to fuck with every one's trip.

Recently, however, the world I live in has made it possible for me to connect myself with others of similar structural philosophies. I have found that decades before my own inception there were humans who shared the same ideas that I hold now to be so important! Luc Ferrari is/was one of those humans. I never met the man but I sure would have loved to share a sound creation with him.

Luc Ferrari was a French composer who had an amazing ride through the realm of sound creation, I'll let you discover as you wish, so if you care to... Luc in hear Enjoy!

The piece I want to share is called Visage V. It was composed in the mid fifties and released in either 58 or 59, I can't remember because I wasn't around back then. It's inspiring to me though because it lets me know that my struggles are not as unique as I was thinking. Innovation is relative to the surrounding interactive devices at hand. There are zero boundaries outside the confines of our own distinctions.

                                                           Ecoute Moi

Friday, October 8, 2010


Bodies of mass require a certain level of mechanical ingenuity while being pieced together. Sometimes, however, segments can be lost or forgotten. Such complexity would seem to require an equally detailed and highly structured manner of configuration.

Beneath the fabric of our historical tomes there sits such structures. Structures that have, through the centuries, required more simplified perspectives. Similar to the dilema of reason.

It is not one but many. Singular mode of conclusion is a paradox for the complex, organic, mechanical devices which drive our energy.

                                                                Containment System

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When I was a kid I remember looking through a book that told a story from the perspective of an alien inside of a spaceship as it flew around the earth discovering things to be discovered. The title of the book escapes me but I remember very clearly the part in the book when the alien ship was hovering over the freeway at sunset, looking down upon the cars below, and speculating that they may be some kind of life form to communicate with... They had eyes that illuminated the road (headlights), they seemed to communicate with each other if they got too close (horns), and some of them could even be looked inside of to reveal the tiny organisms that operated them (humans)... Does that sound familiar at all? With my vague paraphrasing...?

The following piece of sound was created in part because of the memories I had of the mysterious book from my childhood and also because I wanted to create an activity for my friends and I to do while we were enhanced. More specifically one of my friends who, at the time, was my partner in the discovering of all things new and exciting while under the influence of Tetrahydrocannabinol.
I had rolled up to his house at about eight or nine pm and parked my Honda right in front of the Devil's Trumpet. (What an accomplishment! He had gotten the thing to grow about four, maybe five feet tall. Shiny black stalk and beautiful purple flowers that only bloomed at night to throw out their scent of musky sweet perfume.)

The idea for that night was to listen to the heartbeat found within the womb of the car. I was at home mixing the sounds together through some crappy radio shack speakers as they were face down on the ground when I had pieced the idea together. I had laid down on the ground with the speakers (cones down) on either side of my head and pulled them tight to my ears. The muffled tones gave me an experience of listening to the womb of an alien. So I continued to mix it extra loud and thought it would be perfect for an evening of sensational experimentation. I would play the cassette in my car (really loud) and we would gather around the car, pressing our ears up against the roof of the vehicle, to listen.

Disclaimer: This was my first attempt at a longer piece of sound, it's sloppy, and not what I would do again. Enjoy my memory.

                                                                                                         Press Ears Here

Super Dramatic Scene

Way back in nineteen-hundred and ninety-six there wasn't much for a young man (who was struggling with his identity as a human) to do... except to hang out with other humans from the same planet. Some of my fondest memories stem from the foggy nights I'd drive a mile and a half away from the safety of my home to spend some time altering philosophical moments with people I enjoyed calling friends. We would gather in the back yards usually, and then "enhance" ourselves. After the shift we'd begin feeling the difference all around us. We would talk about what may be happening or why...

We would have these great tiny moments of genius and would always comment on how we needed to be recording them. After a while I began to carry around a micro-cassette recorder to capture such moments. Anyone else who has had similar ideas can give a nod to the fact that the thought of one's great moments while in the midst of them can be COMPLETELY different than the comprehension of said moments while crawling through a micro-cassette tape to decipher and/or track down the elusive little bastards.

The following is a memory from a car ride around a little town called Fresno. We were actors that night in a super dramatic scene.

Take One

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Do you remember the first time you did nitrous? I do. What a great feeling it was...for the thirty seconds it lasted. I ran with a clever bunch though. We figured out how to make it last a bit longer. We had to be really stoned first. Then do the gas. Clever. Yeah, we stretched that thirty seconds out an other thirty seconds.

My head fell back into the ground like a wacky wall walker and my arms turned to rubber. I was flailing with the utmost joy beneath the twisted reverberating waves of the helicopters as they fluttered around just outside my field of vision. Perhaps the tunnels ran deeper back then.

I miss that feeling at times, hearing the blood rushing through my cranial capillaries and mistaking it for the CIA.

A few years later I managed to create a synthetic audio representation of a five minute nitrous trip.

                                                                                                               Have Fun

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to loom over another planet of civilized creatures and watch as they destroy themselves? Yes? Well, would you entertain the idea of having a viewing companion...? Oh? Well perhaps, then, this can be an interpretation of that exact situation. This piece was created to tell the story of two lifeforms discussing the demise of other lifeforms. I'll also add, the samples within this piece were taken from a great little film called When the Wind Blows I highly recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by the destructive nature of our race. I was really stoned the first time I watched this film and couldn't stop thinking about the perspective of other races of intelligence that may be viewing us from afar...



So here's a piece of the story... Like the blog title explains it will be hosted/told by EarthreceptoR, that's me. My otherness. As far as I can remember EarthreceptoR was born or recognized sometime around 1993-1994. The entity was born from an idea that, at the time, seemed so amazing so profound that I had to go with it. I had to run around and share this idea with my surrounding masses of soggy energy. The most amazing idea a human brain has EVER conceived! The piece of the puzzle that would tie all theories to themselves. The shit that was going to save us all... Or, at least propel us into the future. Maybe...Or not.
M=3(multiplied by a segment) + (the symbol for infinity), now of course 16 years later this seems a bit loopy to be any form of Nobel material but at the time it was certainly on the right track. The idea or equation explained that as humans we ALL shared a common connection. It was my own equation for the design of the human body that showed us all being a mass or "M" with three segments connected to and enabled with the option of infinity. Two of the segments are connected to the earth-mass (gigantic electromagnetic generator) and the other extends upward to receive any "incoming" signals. The connection with infinity would be enabled or utilized by the arms and hands of the human body. A metaphor for phor anything is possible. I thought, with great strength, at times of the power science has held over the human race for centuries and concluded that as with religion we can pretty much explain anything as long as we're good at convincing the masses that what we are saying is possible. So with that in mind I felt my little equation was lookin' pretty good.

A mass (human body) which receives power from the source (earth=giant electromagnet) by using two segments (legs/or connection to the source) and moderates navigational information by using a third (torso/head/brain) all while having the power to choose to do whatever is necessary OR desired by any means possible in accordance with the host body's own capabilities. That was the big idea. Of course when broken down to it's core intention/s the idea seems a bit obvious or inherent as far as what we think of ourselves these days. I feel obliged to mention the fact of my heavy use of tetrahydrocannabinal and 4-hydroxyl-dimethyltryptamine at the time but that being said I still feel like the idea at that time in my life was pretty profound, rather the act of perpetuating the idea into an understandable form (for me) was pretty profound. Point being, as per the entire idea, all I knew at the time was the information given to me about the subject was coming from somewhere... Everything we're bombarded with on a daily basis comes from somewhere.


                                                                           Pulse Code